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the Book

Publication Date - April 29, 2006

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Advance Praise …


“Reading this book was like reliving my life:  playing with, managing and facing the great players of the Negro Leagues, and the joy of watching Black players and pitchers flourish after Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby led the way.  Mudcat did a great job in getting this whole story down and presenting it in such an interesting way.  It felt like the players were right there with me.”

-Buck O’Neil


“The Black Aces include some of the greatest pitchers I ever faced.  I share with each of them the pride of not letting obstacles prevent us from accomplishing our goals.  These men are important parts of baseball and American history, as they opened the doors for others.”

-Pumpsie Green


“Baseball is so much more than just a sport in America.  It mirrors the country and sometimes leads the way.  The Black Aces poignantly brings home how the courageous efforts of these Black pitchers helped change America; how America learned from their actions that we are all more alike than we are different.”

-Joe Morgan, Hall of Famer (1990)


“The Black Aces is an important project.  Each Ace has his own compelling story.  It is must reading for anyone interested in the great game of baseball.”

-Tony LaRussa



This book doesn’t just tell the stories of The Black Aces.  It is a story about America - north, south, east and west.  It is the story of the game of baseball and the business of baseball; segregation and integration; discrimination and determination; heroes and cowards; fear, strength, and courage; opportunities denied to some, and seized by others; all told against the backdrop of the accomplishments of some of the most successful pitchers of their time. 





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