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JIM “MUDCAT” GRANT is pleased to announce that an updated edition

of THE BLACK ACES, containing additional text and photos, including

Jim’s visit to The White House, along with Dontrelle Willis, Mike Norris

and Ferguson Jenkins, has just been released and is now available.





The Black Aces, Baseball’s Only African-American Twenty-Game Winners is a book written by Jim “Mudcat” Grant, the first African-American Twenty-Game Winner in the American League (Minnesota Twins, 1965) and the first African-American to win a World Series Game in the American League (1965). 

The book is a historically accurate description of the lives of the only thirteen African-American Twenty-Game Winners in the Majors, and a look at the lives of ten other pitchers who Mudcat feels would have been twenty-game winners if they had been allowed to play in the Major Leagues, a privilege denied to them because of the color of their skin.  Woven throughout the stories of these men is the story of the integration of baseball, and the integration of America. 

This website is maintained by The Black Aces, LLC, a company founded by Mr. Grant, and is intended as a celebration of the lives of those pitchers included in Mr. Grant’s book.





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